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Owner of Blog: Mr. Maneno

Purpose of blog: Gripes and thoughts about outsourcing issues in Kenya


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  1. I would like to thank Mr. Maneno for expressing what I am sure many of us in the industry are feeling about the Society. As you have mentioned the only support shown to the industry has been from the ICT Board who I highly commend for the various events they have held successfully and the continuous support they have given us. I am yet to receive a formal invitation or notification from the Society of what they have done instead of riding on the coattails of the Board.
    As you have stated a Society is meant to open-doors and create communication within the industry. I am a fellow member and yet to meet other members at an event held by the Society NOT the ICT Board. I am yet to be asked what I would like to see our 35k put towards; or a formal notification of WHAT it has been put towards. Yes they went to New York but WHAT happened there? I want to hear from the Society. The industry has grown within the last 6 months, I would like to know HOW the Society appointed and divided up responsibility. The word that comes to mind is TRANSPARENCY. Clearly lacking.
    We are one of the BPO’s who invested in the software and was promised work. The Chairperson heavily disputes the promised work and merely claims she introduced us to the so-called vendor and it was up to us to decide to go with him. This is very true, however the chairperson of the society vouched for the vendor. When one holds such a position and vouches for someone, the virgin industry players will listen as one is in an influential position. Please accept responsibility for these actions madam chairperson. As well as, robbing us blind for software which her own company does not use.
    As Mr. Maneno has mentioned we are in trying times. We need to hear from the Society. I know of many BPO’s at the verge of closing down due to lack of support. An email detailing the efforts (if any) the Society is undertaking is all I am asking for. Where is the Kenya BPO and Contact Centre Society?

  2. Hey

    I read your blog and feel your pain

    is there any progress on the bandwidth front ?

    how are BPOs doing now ?

    I work for a software (ICT) outsourcer and we have not been able to get any subsidies


  3. Hi Liko,

    I hear the subsidy has been approved by the World Bank and one should get in touch with the ICT Board for more details on how to get the subsidy. Also, confirm with them that you qualify for the subsidy.


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