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We are not alone, are we?

You know it is necessary for me to be clear on what we, the outsourcing fraternity really need in this times of difficulty. We need the world out there to know that we are capable and that we are able to service them without any problems at all. That Kenya is peaceful and for the most part, that Kenya is a viable outsourcing destination despite the issues that they may have read/heard/ saw in the papers. Our prices are still reasonable and out service is still outstanding.

From the Kenya ICT Board – I neglect to speak to  the Kenya BPO Society, because they lack credibility in my eyes – we need support in speaking to the local business industry to show them that outsourcing to us is a cost-saving mechanism for them. It is also imperative, that Paul Kukubo, the CEO of the board, and Dr. Bitange Ndemo, PS information and Communications, lend us some significant muscle not only in support of outsourcing locally but also, influence the other government departments to outsource to Kenya.

Of the Kenya ICT Board,  we would like for them to provide us with a forum that will enable us to talk to each other, to speak openly to the society about the issues and more importantly, enable us to have elections of the officials of the society so that we can strengthen transparency and openness in the society.

As far as the board is concerned, transparency is key and how the 35 thousand shillings X the twenty odd members of the society has been spent and services to the clients of their preferred vehicle for the subsidy, well they can help.

But our need for meeting is not all sinister: there is great value in meeting your peers and hearing them say, “you are not alone – me too”


3 Responses

  1. Mr Maneno, your suggestion of the ICT Board providing you with a forum to talk to the Society is misguided. Societies are independent private sector associations and government has no business involving themselves in internal Society matters such as elections. As a BPO industry player, I am quite impressed with what the Society has achieved over a very short time and with very limited resources. Mind you the Society held free and fair elections in early 2007 at an open forum for all industry players. As far as I am aware, the Society has been working tirelessly behind the scenes, in collaboration with the ICT Board to ensure the development and success of this industry. The ICT Board can correct me if am wrong.

    It is time that BPO industry players started working together to build the industry.

  2. It would appear the owners/founders of this blog (and we know them) are only out to create disharmony in the industry. Much as I can understand their pain in getting their profits coming in, I think it is very wrong for them to start laying attacks on people who took their own initiative to bring together industry players to start a society, spent their own time and money putting things together and because of these unappreciated efforts, the industry is in the limelight. The ICT Board would have been grappling to find its feet in this industry had it not been for the society. It is true there is so much to be done by the society but to be realistic, the society is very young! Let us not go on personal tangents here with the very able executive members of the society. It is well known that many think there is lots of money in the soceity so now that its profile has been raised by the executive members some now want positions by force. Please,please, elections will be held when the time comes. Government has nothing to do with elections of societies. It is a pity these same people are now attacking Victor who has been working so hard to get the subsidy program up and running. Where do you people live? Have you not seen that there was not proper government in place? Did you think the World Bank will just give out money to an incomplete government? Ofcourse they must be waiting to see that the coalition govt is in place. Let us please act more maturely and responsibly and stop attacking people maliciously. All these lies about the Society Chairman and executive members and now the attack on Victor will take you all nowhere. I suggest that after my comments, all serious people should simple ignore this malicious blog!

  3. An old family friend called Mr. Malumo Siyanga who has over 30 years of very successful investment banking career recently told me that “1% of something is better than 100% of nothing”.

    I am delighted that this blog now exists. Kudos to the owners.

    The contributors are obviously key stakeholders whose interest is can be summed up as having a desire to steer the industry in the right direction for everyones gain.

    In my personal view the discussions are healthy and only need to carry “postive energy”, “civility” and ‘educated (informed by facts)’ issues for discussion. It elavates the discussions to different level so do your research!

    On the other hand we the holders of verious portifolios in the industry need to be able to take the issues being raised as “constructive criticism” and address them with a consultative and inclusive spirit. It is a nascent industry with typical new industry challenges which we need to take as such.

    My friend Mr Malumo went on to tell me that “the biggest Problem with africans and African economies is that “we are greedy and jealous of each others achievements”.

    This is why africans continue to have high business start-up mortality rates and whallow in poverty while the rest of the world “shares and has just enough to put them above poverty line(not necessarily reach)” .
    They understand the simple principle of “1% of something is better than 100% of nothing”.

    In my own view, there is strength in Numbers and we will go far if we work together and not alone.

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